June 18-19, 2024 - Brussels, Belgium

Illustrate a new perspective at insideMOBILITY® Brussels

Connect, explore, learn, rethink and solution a harmonious landscape for your mobility programme.

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Connect, explore, learn, rethink and solution a harmonious landscape for your mobility programme.


Activities and session types

Explore all ways to meet, share and connect at insideMOBILITY.

Peer-led conversations and exploration

Gather with peers and drive insightful conversations on topics that matter most to you. You’ll blend your priorities with our unique experiences for a fresh take on peer learning.

Hands-on workshops

Complement your experience with a hands-on workshop where you’ll identify a challenge specific to your organization, work through solutions and create an actionable plan to share with your team post-event.

Facilitated breakout sessions

Participate in breakout sessions led by industry-expert facilitators. You’ll gain insights, strategies and tips to tackle some of the toughest challenges and biggest opportunities in global mobility today.

Breakout session topics

Peer Discussion

Remote Work Trade-Offs

These transformative years of remote work call for alignment of the wants and needs of companies and workers. Discuss the latest compromises and best practices.

Peer Discussion

Imagine your Programme Simplified

It’s undeniable that resources are under a lot of pressure – discuss effective methods that help to make the mobility team’s daily work easier.

Peer Discussion

Trending Policy Adjustments

Policy changes are happening more often to stay current in this ever-shifting economic landscape. Discuss with others to learn what’s in and what’s out.

Peer Discussion

Navigate Turmoil in Difficult Locations

Relocating to difficult locations amid geopolitical turmoil adds complexity to the process – discuss solutions from the supply chain to immigration.

Peer Discussion

Flex with the Times to Modernize Allowances

Market and workforce factors have increased the demand for flexibility, which can be obtained through allowances. Find out how your peers are managing this trend.

Breakout Session

Beyond Borders: Strategies for Success in an Evolving Immigration Landscape

Discuss global and regional immigration trends, changing compliance requirements and policy changes, plus walk away with tips for optimizing your immigration workflow to create more efficient processes.

Breakout Session

Encouraging Relocations: Exploring Housing Trends and Solutions throughout the EMEA Region

Connect housing trends to transferee impacts and focus on creative solutions and policy adjustments to encourage relocations while managing budgets.

Breakout Session

Unlock Cost Transparency: Understanding Supply Chain Costs

Understand supply chain dynamics and costs to engage in transparent conversations, manage budgets and identify cost avoidance opportunities.


From Policy to Practice: Break Down Barriers to Policy Changes

Reimagine mobility program and policy changes from daunting to doable by communicating them to stakeholders and seeking buy-in more effectively.


Design Quick-Win Successes with Flexible Allowances

Are you overlooking the role of allowances in your program?  Discover the benefits of allowances and learn how to revise allowance policies to fit current needs.

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Comments from past attendees

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what past attendees have to say about insideMOBILITY events:

The conversations around the group were so full of passion and innovation, I do not think I have seen that level of passion in a group for some time it was so contagious.

insideMOBILITY Global Leaders Attendee

VP Global Mobility

Some really valuable bits from presenters and other global mobility peers to follow up on and overall good perspective on what’s going on.

insideMOBILITY EMEA Attendee

Head of Global Assignment Management

Graebel is very much on the forefront when it comes to tools, technologies, mobility programs and trends in the mobility industry. They openly share all their knowledge with us.

insideMOBILITY Geneva Attendee

Global Mobility Manager

We struggle with getting everyone educated on the mobility process and are constantly reacting instead of being able to be proactive. Knowing there are technology solutions that we can partner with Graebel inspired me for changes we can implement.

insideMOBILITY Prague Attendee

General Manager - Global Mobility


What is insideMOBILITY®?

insideMOBILITY® is a series of events that equip HR, reward and global mobility professionals with the right workforce strategies to meet and exceed the demands of the business. Professionals also gain tools, a network of resources and professional development skills that enable them to make an impact. insideMOBILITY® events are regularly hosted worldwide and online for some of the top mobility leaders from around the world.

How much does the event cost to attend?

There is no registration fee for in-house HR/mobility professionals to attend. Graebel will cover one night of lodging, local transportation, meals and activities, content and program materials. Attendees just need to cover their transport to the event. Our 2024 venue, the Hilton Grand Place, is directly adjacent to the Brussels Gare Centrale to facilitate train travel.

Why should I attend?

insideMOBILITY® events are great opportunities for you to connect with your peers and share ideas to improve your mobility program. You’ll gain insights to enact valuable program improvements while examining the evolution of industry trends. A robust and compact program gets you back to the office with actionable tools in hand.

What time does this event begin and end?

The program will officially begin with a casual lunch and networking as you arrive to the hotel on Tuesday 18 June. The event will end no later than 4:00 p.m. with Closing Remarks on Wednesday 19 June.

Can attendees arrive early or stay later?

Attendees are welcome to arrive early or stay later – we ask that they pay for any additional hotel nights at the Graebel room rate of €249/night + taxes and fees.

What is the dress code for insideMOBILITY Brussels?

Casual! Shorts, dresses, comfortable shoes, and layers are all welcome! Dress for a relaxed experience, exploring the Capital of Europe, and enjoying the pleasant June weather. We expect the weather to be warm and mild, with average daily temperatures ranging from 20-12 degrees C (~70-55 degrees F).

Convince your boss to attend insideMOBILITY Brussels

We’ve compiled supporting materials you can use to communicate the value of insideMOBILITY to gain approval to attend. Here you’ll find a sample request letter with top reasons to attend our program in Brussels and detailed descriptions of all of our content to help knowledge share and gain the support you need to join us!