Talent Mobility & Relocation Consulting

Best practices and trends in corporate mobility programmes are constantly evolving.

If you don’t keep up, you may be spending more than you need to, or you may be losing status as an employer of choice. Like all international organisations, you want a programme that comfortably meets the needs of your staff, is easy to manage and administer and is cost efficient.

Our team of relocation consultants consists of mobility and human resource veterans with extensive experience leading corporate relocation and strategic human resources programmes. They are here to support you—whether that means reviewing and benchmarking your programme or designing a policy that’s right for your business.

Policy Creation & Benchmarking

Relocation programmes must be policy-driven. Getting those fundamentals right is critical, and Graebel can tell you how your policies match up to your competitors’ programmes and to industry best practices. And of course we can take the next step and optimise your relocation policies based on your resources, goals and objectives.

Programme Reviews and Health Assessments

Graebel’s relocation consultants will conduct a full analysis of your programme—from policies to processes to structure to people. After thoroughly reviewing your information and conducting stakeholder interviews, we’ll deliver a comprehensive assessment and detailed recommendations.

Industry Intelligence

You probably don’t have the time to keep up with how your competitors are achieving their mobility objectives. That’s okay, because we can research that for you and continually update you on their practices and policies so you can stay competitive in this area.


  • Mobility programme review and analysis
  • Talent mobility policy creation
  • Policy benchmarking
  • Mobility organisational structure review
  • Programme health assessments
  • Training and development
  • Industry leading ideas and market intelligence
  • Policy Summit and round-table events

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