Destination Services

Like you, we want your staff to hit the ground running in their new location.

Our role in that is to take as many destination-related details, concerns and tasks off their plate before and after they arrive. And since an employee’s number one concern is always his or her family’s comfort and happiness, we help take care of their needs as well.

Graebel offers and manages all of these destination services, in any part of the world, through our network of vetted global service providers. They’re our valued partners, entrusted to meet your relocated families’ needs—large and small. And when it comes to family, really, very few of the details are “small”!

Area Overview & Home Finding

Finding the right home in the right neighbourhood is the biggest challenge and concern for most staff. We have local, uniquely qualified estate agents who will work closely with your staff before and after they arrive to discuss preferences, needs and options and then quickly identify the best housing solutions.

Delivery and unpacking of household goods

Your employees’ household goods will be safely shipped to their destination by our designated suppliers. We’ll also provide unpacking services, furniture placement and in some cases decorator services that can immediately help make a house a home.

Education Search

In conjunction with location reviews and house hunting, Graebel consultants will help your staff evaluate school options. We’ll not only provide available data about individual school performance and features, but we’ll arrange for school site visits and interviews. We’ll inform you in advance about entry procedures and any medical or immunisation requirements as well.


  • Area tours and orientation
  • Home finding assistance
  • Renter services
  • Temporary housing
  • Delivery and unpacking of household goods
  • Education services and school placement

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