Lump Sum Management

Many companies (and employees) prefer the simplicity and flexibility of lump sum distributions to pay for relocation expenses.

Graebel offers customised solutions to manage all types of lump sum payment programmes, offering user-friendly features like debit cards and calculation/tracking tools.

And when we manage your lump sum programme, your employees will have access to the favourable pricing we’ve negotiated with our relocation-related service providers and enjoy discounts from dozens of national retailers. We’ll also advise the recipients about the tax implications of their specific lump sum arrangement.

Standard Lump Sum

In this situation, Graebel will manage the payment of the specific amount you’ve authorised. We’ll pay the recipient as soon as we receive your authorisation, or we’ll manage the timing for you if you’ve already prefunded the amount to us.

Managed Lump Sum

Companies often choose to provide a relocation lump sum benefit that only covers specific services and activities. We’ll oversee that programme on your behalf, using the funds you’ve provided us to either reimburse the employee for approved, documented expenses or to directly reimburse the service provider.

Other Services

  • Distribution of funds
  • Guidance and recommendations on services
  • Tax reporting
  • Intern programme management



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