Departure Services

Accepting a relocation assignment can be a career-building move.

But managing the preparation details can be an overwhelming distraction. We’ll make sure each of your assignees understands your policies and our process…and that we understand his or her specific needs and concerns. Then we’ll manage the departure details and the timeline, coordinating your employee’s role in it all.

Graebel provides a complete range of communication and departure support services so your employees can stay focused on the job they need to do. We work hard to make the relocation experience a positive one, not only for them but their families as well.

Real Estate Services

It’s critical for an organization to have comprehensive valuation and assistance policies in place to help assignees quickly sell or rent out their homes—in the U.S. or abroad. We’ll enlist the services of high-performing brokers to aggressively market a home or identify the best property manager if the assignee wants to keep his or her home. For home sale assistance, Graebel offers buyer value option (BVO), guaranteed buyout option (GBO), amended value option (AVO) and direct reimbursement home sale programs.

Visa & Immigration Services

We work with top international immigration service providers to ensure that your assignees and their family members are in compliance, and remain in compliance, with host country laws regarding visas and other documentation. Through the Graebel globalCONNECT℠ relocation management system, family members can even scan their passports and visas into a secure database to help expedite replacement if the documents are lost or stolen.

Policy Counseling & Coordination

Understandably, assignees preparing for a relocation may need some one-on-one attention. Our consultants are available to meet with them to explain policies and procedures and make sure they understand all of the benefits and areas of support that are available.


  • Pre-decision services
  • Home marketing and sale services
  • Property management
  • Lease cancellation
  • Packing and shipping of household goods
  • Visa & immigration services
  • Allowance administration
  • Assignment cost estimates



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