Move Management Services

Whether it's a domestic or international move we know we aren't just moving "stuff" we are moving people's lives.

The typical household goods move is incredibly complicated and can take weeks or even months to manage. The Graebel team has the expertise to make cross-country or cross-border moves smooth and efficient.

We choose the right supplier for every job from our extensive network. Working with your employee, we’ll coordinate every step of their move, including reviewing their authorizations, estimating move costs, and managing the process at both ends. We’ll help assignees with any claims, handle all the reporting and review invoices for accuracy.

Supplier Selection and Management

Graebel has an open network of vetted service providers that we continue to refine over time, but if there are local or regional providers you’d like us to use, we’ll work them as well. We actively oversee their work and after the project we’ll review their invoicing for accuracy. Each provider goes through an extensive due diligence review process, and to help ensure their service levels remain high, we conduct unannounced spot checks on their work and survey our clients and their assignees regarding their experience.

End-to-End Coordination

We’ll move your assignees’ household goods anywhere in the world using our trusted moving, shipping and storage partners. Their work is overseen by our own experienced project managers worldwide. We have multiple vetted service providers in nearly every international location and we’ll choose the best ones to handle your assignees’ unique needs when it comes to packing, crating, containerization, shipping, delivery and unpacking.


  • Supplier selection and management
  • Move coordination
  • Packing, shipping, and freight forwarding
  • Claims advocacy
  • Invoice auditing and quality checks
  • Reporting
  • Policy recommendations
  • Post-move survey and review

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