Settling in Services

From area tours to cross-cultural training, our goal is to make your assignees and their families feel at home as soon as possible.

The process begins even before they arrive, as we compile and send customized orientation packets and online resources tailored to their interests related to schools, lifestyle and other personal priorities.

This support continues during orientation visits and after the move, as we assist with personal matters such as locating banks and doctors, arranging for language lessons and cultural orientation sessions and even supporting assignees’ spouses or partners with job searches.

Area Tours & Orientation

Many companies authorize or even encourage potential assignees to take a pre-move orientation trip so they’re in a better position to make the right decisions related to the assignment. We’ll coordinate these trips and ensure that assignees and their families get a true picture of the area, including general housing and location options, culture, recreation, cost of living, transportation and any other unique factors important to the family.

Spousal Career & Family Assistance

A relocation can significantly change the life of every member of the assignee’s family. Our consultants will work with assignees to identify schools, youth clubs, expatriate organizations and other opportunities to help family members quickly acclimatize. And since the relocation usually entails a job or career change for an assignee’s spouse of partner, we can arrange for specialized career counseling, job search coaching, networking referrals, labor market research and even résumé development to help advance his or her career in the new location.

Language & Cross-Cultural Training

Proper cultural training is important to the success of any international assignment. We have global coverage and a network of certified trainers with expertise on a wide range of cultures who can deliver programs virtually or on site in nearly any location in the world. We also offer language training services through our partners in 450 language centers in more than 50 countries.


  • Area tours and orientation
  • Language training
  • Cross-Cultural training
  • Spouse/partner assistance
  • Automobile lease/purchase
  • Drivers’ license assistance
  • Banking & insurance services



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