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Graebel Lump Sum Management Services

Combine the quality assurance that comes with a managed move with the administrative ease of a lump sum arrangement using CitySwitcher® by Graebel.

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Lump sum relocations – efficient program management. Invaluable employee support.

Mobility leaders tend to like the lump sum approach for certain relocation situations because it’s easier to administer than a managed move. Plus, some employees appreciate the empowerment and flexibility it gives them. But Mobility managers still need to oversee the funds and verify certain expenditures. And is it really a good idea to completely leave an employee on their own as they navigate things unfamiliar with while getting from Point A to Point B?

Fortunately, there’s a way to combine the quality assurance that comes with a managed move with the administrative ease of a lump sum arrangement.

Taking lump sum management safely off your plate

We have customized solutions to administer:

  • Standard Lump Sum programs where we manage and disburse the specific amount you’ve authorized
  • Managed Lump Sum programs in which we ensure the funds are only disbursed for authorized services and activities
  • Intern management programs
  • Additional related services that you know will be important to the experience, like tax reporting support

Your administrative workload from managing lump sum relocations will fade to zero.

CitySwitcher makes lump sum relocation funds go farther – and with extra care.

Even when your employee is relocating with a lump sum, self-managed move … it doesn’t mean they’re on their own.

CitySwitcher opens a door to a virtual marketplace of vetted relocation services providers around the globe. Your assignee will find reputable movers, mortgage lenders, car transporters, language trainers and others – each one offering preferred CitySwitcher rates.

CitySwitcher is always available – at any time throughout the relocation journey. Through our consultants and our technology, we will help your employee plan their move and find service providers that best meet their needs and budget.

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