Creating Exceptional Employee Experiences

Our talent is taking care of yours.

We know what it takes to make global talent mobility more humane and as seamless as possible—and go above and beyond in The Pursuit of Exceptional. It’s not just about what services we provide. It’s about why. Our ultimate mission is to put people at the forefront. Everything we do is shaped by this unwavering mentality so that everyone is understood, enabled and supported every step of the way.


“The best part about it, besides a healthy baby, was recommending some changes to the employer regarding medical insurance for their people. Helping people is the most fulfilling part of what I do, but improving processes is a real win.”

–Jasmit Kaur, Senior International Assignment Consultant, Singapore

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“They invited me to visit them in Austria, and they’re coming to see me at my home in Prague. I’m so happy to assist families and develop true friendships while doing it.”

–Nicole Hromadkova, International Assignment Consultant, Prague

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“Making sure the transferee and his wife were comfortable was a huge priority for me, and knowing we have partners who can address concerns and handle clients with care from beginning to end makes me proud to work with them.”

–Brooke Marshall, Relocation Consultant, Denver

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The Exceptional Experience: Building trust, loyalty and exceeding expectations

Being exceptional means cultivating and nurturing the employee experience and making it a central component of the entire relocation process.

We dig deep to fully understand what “exceptional” looks like to you and then will work collaboratively with your team to imagine, develop and support a people-centric mobility program. This helps us focus on client satisfaction and ‘Moments that Matter’ throughout the mobile employee’s journey. Whether it’s a Lump-Sum or Core-Flex policy or creating a customized VIP Concierge Experience (see video below), we value every employee the same and will deliver and delight along the way.


Reaching New Heights

The journey that your employees’ take is influenced by an understanding of their needs and growth potential, and the duty of care portrayed throughout your mobility program. When you balance that care with underlying business goals, your mobility strategy will be optimized to create exceptional experiences.

Our team empowers mobility professionals, we do right by their employees and give their businesses an edge. We’ll meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go.


The Pursuit of Exceptional

In business, every service or commodity has a customer expectation or “experience” associated with it. Lower cost items equal lower expectations. Higher priced items typically require higher levels of customer service to elevate the experience.

But what about services where people are the focus, like Global Mobility? Client satisfaction – or providing the Exceptional Employee Experience – then becomes a key barometer to measure the success of your employees’ relocations, especially when families are involved. But that’s not the only way to define success.

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