April 3-4, 2023 - Charleston, SC

insideMOBILITY® Charleston

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Join us for the next installment of our insideMOBILITY series in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC from April 3-4, 2023.

You’ll explore our robust program and curated experiences designed just for you. Enjoy world-class, peer-to-peer education, interactive sessions, and take away industry-tested solutions to your toughest mobility challenges.

Dress for comfort, bring your ideas and questions, and get ready to experience the city of Charleston like a VIP!

12:00-1:30pm – Lunch & Networking

1:30-2:15pm – Opening Session

2:30-5:30pm – Make it Yours: Peer-Led Conversations & Exploration in Charleston

6:30-9:30pm – Evening Reception Garden Party

8:30pm – Haunted Charleston Tour

7:30-8:30am – Breakfast

8:30-12:00pm – Facilitated Breakout Sessions

12:00-2:00pm – Lunch in the City

2:30-4:00pm – Hands-on Workshops

6:30-10:00pm – Closing Soiree

Q: What is insideMOBILITY®?
A: insideMOBILITY® is a series of events that equip HR, Reward, and Mobility professionals with the right workforce strategies to meet and exceed the demands of the business. Professionals also gain tools, a network of resources, and professional development skills that enable them to make an impact. insideMOBILITY events are regularly hosted around the globe and online for some of the top Mobility leaders from around the world.

Q: How much does the event cost to attend?
A: There is no registration fee for in-house HR/Mobility professionals to attend.  Graebel will cover two nights of lodging, local transportation in Charleston, South Carolina, meals and activities, content and program materials.  Attendees just need to cover their flights!

Q: Why should I attend?
A: insideMOBILITY events are great opportunities for you to connect with your peers and share ideas to improve your Mobility program. Feel free to use our “Convince your Boss” template letter!

Q: What time does the event begin and end?
A: The program will officially begin with a casual lunch and networking as you arrive to the Emeline in Charleston on Monday, April 3 at approximately 12:00pm. The event will end after the Closing Reception at the Gadsden House on Tuesday, April 4.

Q: Can attendees arrive early or stay later?
A: Attendees are welcome to arrive early or stay later – we ask that they pay for any additional hotel nights at the Graebel room rate of $379/night + taxes and fees.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Casual!  Shorts, dresses, and open-toed shoes are all welcome! Dress to be comfortable, explore Charleston, and dress for the weather in South Carolina. We expect the weather to be warm and mild, with average daily temperatures ranging from 60-72 degrees F and occasional rainfall. Spring is recommended as one of the best seasons to visit Charleston!

Q: Will there be onsite health and safety requirements related to COVID-19?
A: The health and safety of our staff and attendees is very important to us. As the situation continues to evolve, we will follow both Local and CDC guidelines at the time of the event, and communicate any requirements as necessary closer to the time of the event.

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Stephen Childs - Keynote Speaker

"Just Be Undeniable"

Stephen Childs is currently the CHRO of Panasonic Automotive, as well as a Global Keynote Speaker, Forbes contributor, and Columbia University Certified Executive Coach. He is also a 2-time American Business Award winner for HR Executive of the Year.

In his inspiring keynote, “Just Be Undeniable”, Childs will discuss the process and science of “Being Undeniable” so that you crush any personal or professional goals that you aspire to achieve.

Make it Yours: Peer-Led Conversations

Spend the afternoon on a "Chucktown" adventure! During this interactive experience, you'll select one of our unique Charleston activities to enjoy and make new connections. After the experience, groups will gather and determine peer discussion topics by upvoting their top choices and diving into conversations.

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Cost Savings and Employee Experience: Leading with purpose to build your mobility brand

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Talent Mobility Management: How are companies navigating new, rocky terrain?

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Mobility Program Development: A Strategic Approach to the World Ahead

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The Future of Work: What this means right now – and how to use it to your advantage

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New Horizons, New Approaches

Hands-on Workshops

Complement your experience in Charleston with a hands-on workshop where you’ll identify a challenge specific to your organization, work through solutions, and create an actionable plan to share with your team post-event.

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Leading with Purpose: Building Your Mobility Strategy

When planned and implemented mindfully, the return on your workforce mobility investment will have long-term positive impacts – financially, logistically, and on your company’s mobility brand. In this session, we’ll discuss how to forecast and right-size your internal mobility team, along with best practices you can consider to maximize their efforts and develop a strategic mobility program that’s aligned with organizational goals.

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Real Stories, Real Data

Companies can gain a significant advantage when they leverage data to strategically assess the past, present, and future performance of their mobility program. This workshop will explore how you can use your organization’s historical data to examine and analyze your mobility program in its present state – from selecting the right data to understanding the output – and apply forecasting and predictive analytics to translate that data into actionable solutions, so you can make better-informed, impactful decisions in the future.

Attract & Retain Talent

Mobility Process Mapping: Determine the right support for the right candidates at the right time

In this session, we’ll explore one company’s journey to determine which key talent and business drivers needed to be considered when determining and providing appropriate relocation support types and levels. Attendees will be challenged to think beyond basic qualifiers when considering the holistic impact of a mobility opportunity, when considering their own applications of this scenario.

Facilitated Breakout Sessions

Participate alongside your peers in multiple breakout sessions led by industry-expert facilitators.

Controlling mobility costs is a top priority for businesses but, when it comes to mobility, cost control can only be obtained when companies first know their true mobility spend.

In this session, we’ll discuss how to identify the hard and soft costs associated with mobility and the best practices for tracking and managing them. This is easier said than done, since so many of the costs associated with mobility are soft costs: administrative and out-of-purview expenses that aren’t typically factored into the mix – but should be.

What happens when ‘up front’ savings result in the need for downstream troubleshooting? How can building flexibility into your program ensure that the right coverage is offered to each mobile employee and limit exceptions? How can task duplication be avoided to maximize efficiency? We’ll answer these questions, plus cover the importance of ‘doing it right’ from the beginning to maximizing your return on mobility.

Supply chain challenges have persisted in mobility, but is there anything we can do to mitigate them? How can we manage mobile employee expectations during this challenging time – let alone company leadership? Can we expect to see an improvement in household goods shipment timelines anytime soon? What’s driving prices up and how can we stay on top of understanding these changes? How can we manage the global housing squeeze?

Be sure to attend this Q&A session, where leading supplier partners will provide insight, tips, and answers to your toughest questions.

Benchmarking can be used for much more than benefit comparisons – but how can you take your findings and activities to the next level?

In this session, we’ll explore how to consider benefit benchmarks and tailor outcomes or your business that will be industry-competitive, while aligned with your organizational goals and initiatives. We’ll also take a look at the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) benchmarking and how to maintain a consistent and reliable approach to benchmarking as a whole, despite ever-evolving global events and corporate initiatives.

The pandemic and its challenges have been unprecedented but, following any crisis, there’s always an opportunity to evaluate what we’ve learned. What did the past three years reveal about your crisis management plan? What went well and where was there room for improvement?

In this session, we’ll discuss best practices surrounding crisis management and how to leverage lessons learned during the pandemic to strengthen your crisis management plan for the future.

Additional Details

This event is exclusively for in-house global mobility leaders.

Join us as we reconnect global mobility leaders for peer-to-peer insights, trending topics, and explore the new era ahead for global talent mobility. Leave inspired, ready to address challenges and able to strategize for your evolving business needs.

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