Ongoing Assignment Management

Graebel’s support doesn’t stop once your assignees settle in at their new locations.

We provide ongoing administrative services such as policy counseling, travel support, expense management, insurance and banking assistance, tax counseling, progress assessments and even services as personal as mail and utility account management. And of course, your assignees have 24/7 worldwide access to our support team throughout their stay and during their repatriation.

Group Move Management

In our experience, standardization and early, pro-active communication are critical for a successful centralized group move. Graebel will work closely with you to define the project budget, manage employee expectations and ensure consistency in implementing policies and practices. No group is too large or too small to warrant our special attention—we’ve managed group moves of more than 2,500 employees sent to multiple locations.

Compensation Management Services

Graebel offers a full suite of compensation management services to support your mobility program and meet the needs of your mobility team, your assignees and your tax provider. With Graebel, you get the people, processes and technologies you need to keep assignees fairly and accurately compensated while meeting global compliance demands. We work with you to identify the combination of services and the level of engagement needed to optimize your mobility program. Because we are fully immersed and actively engaged on the mobility side, we give you a full line of sight into changes that impact compensation.Our team can easily connect compensation to other mobility data sources and formulate a clear and full picture of global assignees.

Repatriation Services

Our comprehensive repatriation services cover the movement of household goods as well as departure and settling-in support, including the preparation of documentation for exit and re-entry. Additionally, our intercultural training partners offer special guidance and insights for assignees and their families preparing to repatriate. These sessions are personalized, based on the participants’ areas of concern or interest.


  • Ongoing assignment support
    • Long-Term Assignments
    • Short-Term Assignments
    • Extended Business Travelers
    • Permanent Moves
    • Cross-Border Moves
    • Lump Sums
  • Allowance administration
  • Compensation and payroll administration
  • Expense management
  • Visa renewal and immigration management
  • Tax reporting
  • Repatriation services



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